Putting you in the know for the start of the 2020 year.

Key Dates

  • Tuesday 28th January: Korero Mai (Meet the Learner) conferences. More info below. Please note you only attend school for the time of your conference.
  • Wednesday 29th January: Korero Mai (Meet the Learner) conferences. More info below. Please note you only attend school for the time of your conference.
  • Thursday 30th January: First day of classes for everyone.

School Stationery

Please head to myschool.co.nz in order to firstly find our school and then your child’s relevant class/year level. The list generated indicates what is required to fully participate in learning activities throughout the year. It is over to you if you purchase the required items through myschool or another supplier. Buying through myschool does give the school bonus points which can be redeemed at a later date saving the school some valuable dollars! .


School hats are compulsory in Term 1. If you need a new one, please call into the office and purchase one for $15.


Unfortunately the pool will not be ready for the first week of school. We are aiming for the second week and will keep you posted so you know when to pack those swimming bags.


We always start the new school year with a full school pōwhiri to welcome all of our new staff, students and families to our school. This takes place on the front courts shortly after 9am. Everyone is welcome.

Korero Mai (Meet the Learner) Conferences

These are all set to go for the 28th/29th January 2020. You will need to book a 20 minute slot for your child/ren on either day. The time slots are at 11.30am-7.30pm on Tuesday 28th January and 9-5pm on the Wednesday 29th January 2020. Go to www.schoolinterviews.co.nz and the code is 228us to book.

These are taken as school days and attendance at a conference is compulsory for all enrolled students but you only attend for the time of your interview.

Normal classes start for everyone on Thursday 30th January @ 8:55am.

As part of the conference we expect your input. We have a genuine interest in what you have to say. The role of the teacher is to listen to you and your child.

Here are some question prompts for you (parents and whānau) to think about in relation to your child and the year ahead at RSS:

  1. What is the most important thing for you to talk about today?
  2. And what else?
  3. Tell us more about why this is important?
  4. What are your expectations of us (teachers)?
  5. What are your expectations of your child?

Don’t forget too, every child needs to bring along 3 artefacts (items) that are important to them that will help the teacher learn more about your child and their interests and passions. For example; favourite toy, book, movie or game; photo, trophy, sport, hobby etc – there is no right or wrong here).

If you have any questions or need some help just get in touch with your child’s teacher or give us a call next week. There will be plenty of staff around on Monday.