At RSS, every child is different and we want to make sure they all strive for excellence to reach their full potential!  We need to set high expectations, however, we also need to personalise the excellence journey. Each child has their own benchmark and their own personal excellence!

He Whakatauki:

Whaia te iti kahurangi, ki te tuohu koe, me he maunga teitei!

Strive for excellence, if you stumble let it be to a lofty mountain


At RSS, we treat each other with respect. Manaakitanga is a selfless act of kindness and respect that you show to other people.

He Whakatauki:

He aroha whakatō, he aroha puta mai.

If kindness is sown than kindness you shall receive.


Let’s break down…whaka – means to cause something to happen, whānau means family, whanaunga means relative, whanāungatanga means relationships and shared experiences.

At RSS, every whānau have whakapapa, beliefs and stories that they share which help them make positive connections with other people and their environment.

He Whakatauki:

Kia mau ki ngā kupu o ou tupuna.

Hold fast to the words of our ancestors.


At RSS, Kotahitanga is shown in many ways…it’s when a unified group of people work together for a shared purpose, and are united in their thoughts and practices. e.g.  Kapa Haka groups, Teams…etc

He Whakatauki:

Kia mau ki ngā kupu o ou tupuna.

Hold fast to the words of our ancestors.


At RSS, Wairua is feeling the essence of who you are in all that you do. Being able to push through when times are hard and having a determined mind.

He Whakatauki:

Pena ka haere tonu, a te wā ka taea, ka mau.

You will get there if you just keep going.

Ngākau Tapatahi

At RSS, we show Ngākau Tapatahi – consistently doing the right thing when noone is watching.

He Whakatauki:

He toka tu moana, Ākina a Hau, Ākina a Tai, Ākina a Ngaru tū ātea.

The rock standing in the ocean, with the pounding wind, the slamming tide and the crashing giant waves.


At RSS, we aim to be self agentic learners. Motuhaketanga means to be independent and responsible for yourself and your actions! Your reactions affect those around us.

He Whakatauki:

Hapaitia te ara tika pumau ai te Rangatira mo ngā uri whakatipu.

Foster the pathway of knowledge to strength, independence and growth for future generations.


At RSS, we need to be positive role models who empower our tamariki to have fun with their learning, by following their interests and supporting their creative innovative ideas.

He Whakatauki:

Te manu kai ana te miro, nona te ngahere. Te manu kai ana te matauranga, nona te ao.

The bird that eats the miro berry, owns the forest. The bird that consumes knowledge, owns the world.


At RSS, we need to teach our tamariki about respecting and taking care of our School and the environment we live in! Māori were great conservationists and had the utmost respect for Papatuanuku. They knew that respecting their environment was essential to their health and well-being. So they had a heightened sense of responsibility and obligation to the land.

He Whakatauki

Whatungarongaro te tangata toitū te whenua.

As man disappears from sight, the land remains.


At RSS, Hautūtanga is a form of leadership, it’s when every person is supported to discover their own true talents, skills and passions. So they can confidently captain their own waka as they explore the world around them.

He Whakatauki:

Inā kei te mohio koe ko wai koe, I anga mai koe I hea, kei te mohio koe, kei te anga atu ki hea.

If you know who you are and where you are from, then you will know where you are going.